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Obstructionist Husband

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Pix from the last couple of days [Jan. 21st, 2017|03:30 pm]
Obstructionist Husband

Come to think of it, these are the first photos that I've taken this year, and perhaps the first photos that I've taken in a month. Being sick for a month really takes it out of you!

Eight photos. The B&Ws are processed with a package from DxO that lets it look like black & white film, in this case Tri-X ASA 400. The first four were shot Wednesday, the first out the back door, the other two in my front yard with my Canon 6D with a 24-105. The two of the woodpile and snow shovel were of a straight normal Photoshop process and then converting it to TX400.

The remaining were shot today out of my back door with an SL1 with a 75-300, the 1.6x crop making it an effective focal length of almost 500mm. It was hand-held leaning against the back door, so they're not as sharp as I would like, but it was 23f at noon and I wasn't going to go out to my car to get my tripod! I was looking out at the wind moving the trees and saw the young elk on the west side and mounted up my long zoom. While they're not as sharp as I'd like, I do like the results.

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