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Obstructionist Husband

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Amazing the things you find while cleaning [Feb. 8th, 2017|04:41 pm]
Obstructionist Husband
I'm cleaning out old boxes in my computer area and found two Palm Pilot Vx units! Conveniently, I knew where my charger was! One is charging and booted just fine, the stylus recognition seemed to work great. I think I might actually have a PC with a serial port that the charger could connect to, it might be interesting to see if I could make it sync. The second one hasn't had its turn on the charger yet.

If anyone's interested in something like these, I might be easily persuaded to send them to you if you cover the shipping.

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[User Picture]From: thewayne
2017-02-09 03:12 pm (UTC)
Aye, those lads had it EASY! We didn't even have ones and zeroes, we had to make do with capital I and O!

Well, both Vx seem to work fine! I had to do the screen registration on the second one twice, but it's working fine. They both handled 2017 smoothly. I didn't test the serial port, and there's no telling about software, but otherwise they seem fine.

My oldest kit is a TRS-80 Model 100 that works just fine. Runs on 4xAA, 24k RAM, 8 line LCD display with 40 columns. I think 7 lines were addressable and one line was reserved for function keys, 300 baud dial-up internal modem. I also have an Apple Newton somewhere. A friend of mine had an Ohio Scientific, I was pretty envious when I found out he had one.

We had a computer store in Phoenix that had actual IMSAI and Altair computers, those were pretty spiff. And another friend worked at one that sold Cromemco S-100 bus Z-80 systems.

I went job-hunting yesterday afternoon, and the local (well, local down the mountain) school district had two computer lab aid positions PLUS an actual IT help desk position! The cool thing is that since I already had my info in their system, I could apply for all three with a series of 'confirm' clicks. Since I already interviewed for one lab aid position, I'm mildly optimistic that I should score at least one interview out of this. I'm not bothering to seriously look for IT positions up here, I keep saying that I'm going to retrain myself in to some open source things like Python, PHP and PostreSQL things but I'm just not making the time for it right now. I spent the money and bought a new book for A+ certification, so I do need to get cracking on that. I know I can get that, if I can add Network+ and Security+, that could definitely be leveraged into a help desk job on the base.
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