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RIP: Richard Hatch, Captain Apollo of the original Battlestar Galactica - You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or allow? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Obstructionist Husband

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RIP: Richard Hatch, Captain Apollo of the original Battlestar Galactica [Feb. 13th, 2017|08:11 pm]
Obstructionist Husband

Last week Tuesday he was felled by pancreatic cancer at the age of 71. In addition to the original BSG, he also appeared in the remake and penned five BSG novels. He appeared in many TV shows of the era, including CHiPs, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and MacGyver.


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[User Picture]From: porsupah
2017-02-15 02:44 am (UTC)
And indeed, if the folk behind Cowboys & Engines want to finish the film off someday, there'll be some rewriting involved now..
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[User Picture]From: thewayne
2017-02-15 02:55 am (UTC)
Wow. That sounds like an amazing project! Koenig and McDowell?! And at 26 minutes, that's a lot more than a short. I'm going to try to pull it up on my Apple TV.
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[User Picture]From: porsupah
2017-02-15 03:01 am (UTC)
It was really rather well done. ^_^ Koenig's part was unfortunately rather minor, but McDowell was given every opportunity to chew the rug. =:D It was a Kickstarter project (I backed it!), as a means of creating a pitch to offer to studios, but I haven't heard anything new, so this may be all we'll see, unless they try another Kickstarter to fund the full project.

I'm quite tempted to pick up an Apple TV someday - now the fourth generation's running a proper (more or less) iOS, it's possible to run VLC, Plex, and so on, without having to faff around with jailbreaking, and you get a pretty slick interface for media into the bargain. Still, that can probably wait until the money's gushing forth once more. =:)
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[User Picture]From: thewayne
2017-02-15 03:10 am (UTC)
Malcolm is definitely an excellent one for scenery chewing! Many actors are, but I'd rate him highly for such a thing.

I like my ATV, we got it November '15 and I'm just waiting for that new BBC app to get rid of my DirecTV. I cancelled my HBO a couple of months ago, though I'll be adding a subscription to it on my ATV as John Oliver resumed and Game of Thrones will be coming soon(ish). I need to look in to the iPhone/iPad app for the ATV, I don't use it a lot.

I REALLY wish Amazon would get their act together and get their Prime app for ATV out! I WILL NOT hook up their device to my receiver, nor will I get their Echo. I don't want everything in my house connected to the internet! I eschew IoT! ;-)

(no money gushing here. :-) I just got my college bill paid off from a problem last summer, I'll have my line of credit at the bank paid off in about a month and my credit card substantially paid down in a similar time frame. My goal is to have all debt except my car eliminated before my unemployment benefit ends in about 3 months)
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