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Obstructionist Husband

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Amazing the things you find while cleaning [Feb. 8th, 2017|04:41 pm]
Obstructionist Husband
I'm cleaning out old boxes in my computer area and found two Palm Pilot Vx units! Conveniently, I knew where my charger was! One is charging and booted just fine, the stylus recognition seemed to work great. I think I might actually have a PC with a serial port that the charger could connect to, it might be interesting to see if I could make it sync. The second one hasn't had its turn on the charger yet.

If anyone's interested in something like these, I might be easily persuaded to send them to you if you cover the shipping.

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Pix from the last couple of days [Jan. 21st, 2017|03:30 pm]
Obstructionist Husband

Come to think of it, these are the first photos that I've taken this year, and perhaps the first photos that I've taken in a month. Being sick for a month really takes it out of you!

Eight photos. The B&Ws are processed with a package from DxO that lets it look like black & white film, in this case Tri-X ASA 400. The first four were shot Wednesday, the first out the back door, the other two in my front yard with my Canon 6D with a 24-105. The two of the woodpile and snow shovel were of a straight normal Photoshop process and then converting it to TX400.

The remaining were shot today out of my back door with an SL1 with a 75-300, the 1.6x crop making it an effective focal length of almost 500mm. It was hand-held leaning against the back door, so they're not as sharp as I would like, but it was 23f at noon and I wasn't going to go out to my car to get my tripod! I was looking out at the wind moving the trees and saw the young elk on the west side and mounted up my long zoom. While they're not as sharp as I'd like, I do like the results.
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I think Roy got his celebrations reversed [Jan. 21st, 2017|11:15 am]
Obstructionist Husband
"A national moment of celebration, but not a celebration of victory, a celebration of democracy."
-- (Republican) Sen. Roy Blount on Trump's inauguration, in his opening remarks

-- number of times Trump used the word "democracy" in his inaugural address

"At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America..."
-- Trump

-- number of times Trump mentioned the Constitution in his address

I saw photos of the parade route to the White House. It's amazing how empty the bleachers were. It will be interesting to see what the attendance numbers were, and I'm sure "45" will complain about how just like the polls the numbers are wrong. Meanwhile today the Women's March on Washington scored half a million people.

I didn't turn on the TV yesterday, the only news that I looked at was international or tech. I couldn't bear it.

I just don't think I can call him President, at least not for a while, so I think I'm just going to call him "45". He's claiming he's going to cut spending by $10.5 trillion over 10 years, which is interesting because the annual federal budget is about $3.8 trillion total. And he's going to cut funding for the departments of Commerce and Energy, Transportation, Justice, and State, he's going to privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and eliminate the National Endowments for Arts and Humanities. All of which are pretty much the smallest slices of the budget pie. Over three quarters of federal spending is social security and unemployment, medicare and health, and the military. And he's planning on growing the military. So how is he going to cut $10 trillion?

Bill Clinton had a positive budget and Obama had a declining budget. Every republican administration has had negative budgets, they just can't admit it.

Marvin is looking pretty damn cheerful right now.

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Today is the day [Jan. 20th, 2017|08:13 am]
Obstructionist Husband
that we get the person with the least government experience, ever, leading the Free World. Wow. How ever did we get here?

The comedian Lewis Black has a clip where he says that all of the rock stars that we lost last year died because they didn't want to play the Inauguration. He may have a point. He goes on to say that he's going to watch the swearing in to see Trump's hand burst in to flames when he touches the Bible. Personally, I want to see the Lincoln Bible try to dodge Trump's hand, I think it would make for an exciting video.

I am not looking forward to the next four years. For that matter, I think most of the non-nationalist world is looking forward to it either. 'Interesting Times' indeed.

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Well, don't hold your breath for the new Star Trek TV series [Jan. 19th, 2017|03:11 pm]
Obstructionist Husband

It has been indefinitely delayed. While I like the idea of not releasing something until they get it right, nothing that I have heard has given me any faith that they are on the right road. I guess we shall see, and perhaps I shall be pleasingly surprised.


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One nice thing about Obama's commutations.... [Jan. 19th, 2017|09:08 am]
Obstructionist Husband
They're a Constitutional power and cannot be rescinded by Drumpf with a stroke of a pen.

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Correction: Obama commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence, he did not pardon her [Jan. 18th, 2017|02:32 pm]
Obstructionist Husband
In this case, the President effectively said "She's served enough time - let her out. Her sentence was too long." She will still have been convicted of a court martial offense and will always have a military dishonorable discharge on her record, which will, among other things, mean no Veteran's benefits. But at least she will no longer be held in a men's prison and be subject to military punishment. And I would expect she'll have little difficulty finding employment.

According to ClearUpMyRecord.com, "A pardon is meant to indicate forgiveness of a particular crime, either because a person was wrongfully convicted or the punishment was not appropriate for the crime committed. A commutation is a merciful act offered when it is determined that the penalty given was too harsh. A common use of commutation is to reduce a death penalty verdict to life in prison." I think this is clearly warranted in Chelsea Manning's case, although the amount of information leaked was huge and Wikileak's firehose distribution was it was insanely irresponsible (compared to the very circumspect release of Edward Snowden's information), I think a commutation is clearly proper.

Personally I wish Obama would commute Dylan Roof's death sentence to life imprisonment as it would be much tougher on the little martyr-wannabe. But that's the subject of another rant, and the little ass just isn't worth it.

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Wow! Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning! [Jan. 17th, 2017|03:10 pm]
Obstructionist Husband
He did it! I thought he might, but I wasn't 100% certain. I knew there was no way he'd pardon Edward Snowden, but there was a chance he'd pardon Manning, and he did! She'll be released May 17, it will be interesting to see what she goes on to do with her life now that her military career is over.

There's an interesting part in the article about Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Apparently he stated that if Manning were released that he would not fight extradition to the USA. I'm not going to hold my breath on that, but we'll see what happens.



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If you are on Dreamwidth [Jan. 14th, 2017|08:41 pm]
Obstructionist Husband
and I haven't already found you and friended you yet, please let me know what your blog name is so I can take care of that.

Danke sehr!

I have no intention of breaking posting to LJ, or stopping reading my FL and replying here as long as I have friends here.
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Yay! Photos transferred! [Jan. 14th, 2017|10:41 am]
Obstructionist Husband
I did a cursory search of posts since yesterday's transfer of my blog from LJ to DW and it looks like my photos transferred, both things that were linked and things that were embedded through LJ.

Quite spiffy and happy-making! Cue Snoopy dance!

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