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Madness takes its toll!

Obstructionist Husband
16 December
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I've been a photographer for almost 30 years with one national magazine cover and numerous internal shots. I've been working with computers for far too long, resulting in 20 years of database development and more than 15 years in network administration. I do game design with one game currently being sold. I've written for Flying Buffalo books under the Catalyst label, they are the company that produced Tunnels & Trolls, an RPG that's been around pretty much as long as the original Dungeons & Dragons.

I'm a huge movie buff, and formerly the president of the Phoenix Fantasy Film Society. Being a movie geek, not only do I have DVD, I also have a laserdisc player.

More recently, I got married in 2005 and moved to Cloudcroft, NM, to follow my wife's job.

And no, I was born earlier than 1980, but if it'll get me past this "may not be appropriate for minors" crap, then so be it.

And finally, having completed my training, I am officially The Pointy Stick of Reasoned Debate of the Unitarian Jihad.